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Recipe Makeover Cooking Tips

The start of a new year usually means engaging in new healthy habits for many. As far as nutrition, it tends to be hard for us to completely let go of our favorite dishes. You know, those dishes that taste amazing, but aren’t the healthiest. What if I told you that you can continue to eat those dishes, and make them healthier? Check out some of these cooking tips you can try to increase the healthfulness of your meals.


Skip The Cream

Try and make dishes that consist of a creamy sauce, without the cream. Heavy cream can be replaced with a low-fat milk and flour mixture for a velvety sauce. This not only increases nutrition content, but also cuts calories. Even mayonnaise in creamy salads (i.e potato salad) can be replaced for a reduced-fat sour cream.


Decrease The Oil

Oils do come in healthier options, but again everything is better in moderation. Try decreasing the amount of oil being used while cooking.


Skip The Salt

There are many ways to flavor your dishes without using salt. Opt for a salt-free seasoning, using herbs, or even lemon and lime juices to flavor foods. This is fun to experiment with, makes your food tasty, and decreases excess sodium intake.


Opt For Whole Grains

Using whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose white flour is an easy healthy swap. This switch amps up the vitamin, mineral, and fiber content in your dish.


Good Fats vs Bad Fats

Swap out the bad fats for good fats. Everyone loves the taste of butter, but we have to make sure we are keeping our saturated fats in check. Instead of consistently using butter, opt for healthier oils like olive and coconut oil when cooking.


Egg Whites vs Whole Eggs

Eggs have many nutritious properties, but they also should be eaten in moderation. If you are looking to cut down calories, or eat eggs frequently this is for you. Try switching out the whole egg for egg whites (i.e. if you are eating three eggs, have two whole eggs and one egg white).


Eating healthy does not have to mean depriving yourself. Try one of these simple switches to creating a healthier you!



Article written by GUADS member Breanna, with contributions from eatingwell.com

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