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8 Things Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Own

Whether you’re a gym newbie or a seasoned gym-rat, there are just certain items that every fitness enthusiast needs to own. Check it out!

1. Muscle Roller Massage Stick

This little guy and I have a love/hate relationship. It hurts so good! Massage sticks are amazing for self-myofascial release. They get rid of knots, relieve tension, improve mobility, and increase blood circulation. They also are particularly handy after a long run or an intense leg day (helloooo quads!). I purchased mine from Amazon, but you can also find one at any sporting goods stores.

2. Foam Roller

Sticking with the same theme of myofacial release torture devices, every fitness buff should own a foam roller! They’re great for warming up muscles, relieving tight muscles, and for reducing muscular soreness. Amazon (surprise!) has a plethora of them. Not sure what to do with a foam roller? We’ve got you covered! Check out this article we wrote a while back!

3. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have endless possibilities! Can’t get to the gym? Resistance band workout. Traveling but still want to get your swole on? Resistance bands! Have physical therapy exercises to do? Yup. Resistance bands can help ya out. Want to warm up for your workout? RESISTANCE BAND! You get the picture. Small investment, huge impact! Amazon, once again, saves the day.

4. Wireless Earphones

One of the most annoying things in the world? Getting ~in the grove~ during your workout only to have the cords of your earphones get tangled in your arms or legs. Can you not? That’s why wireless bluetooth earphones are life changing! No more cords! So much freedom. Rejoice! You can either splurge or save – your choice!

5. Workout Logs

Don’t go into the gym without a solid plan! Logging your workouts can help you track your progress and keep track of the exercises you do. You can buy a fancy one or just use a plain old notebook. The choice is yours!

6. Jump Rope

Seriously – don’t underestimate the power of jumping rope. It’s not just for kids! Remember Rocky? Jumping rope is a great way to warm up or do some HIIT. AND it can be done in the comfort of your own room (just be courteous of your neighbors downstairs if you live on the top floor). Buy one here and then check out this killer workout!

7. Muscle Cream

Sore muscles happen! Have a spot that is bothering you? Get some Myoflex, Aspercreme with Lidocaine, or BioFreeze. They can do WONDERS for aching muscles. Trust me.

8. Epsom Salt

After a particularly long, hard, tiring workout, I always hop right in a hot bath tub loaded with Epsom salt. It’s a perfect way to calm muscles, reduce soreness, and properly recover from your workout. Not to mention – it smells really good!



Written by GUADS staff member Angelina 

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