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New Year, Better Me

New year, new me! Is that still what everyone is saying when the New Year rolls in? How about new year, better me!

The New Year is finally here. You now have another three hundred and sixty five days to transform, grow, accomplish goals, and maybe turn a dream into a reality. Instead of creating a whole new person, why not take all of those struggles, mistakes, downfalls, successes, triumphs, and accomplishments, and use them to make a better you. The start of the New Year is a great time to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. A great time to challenge yourself to being the best version of you, and continue to develop. Even if you are already amazing, there’s always room for growth!


Today is Day 1/365

So what can you do starting today that will help to develop a better you this New Year?


Be more aware of how your actions affect others

Even if it doesn’t feel like it, our actions are affecting others around us. Your conversation with a friend can be affecting the stranger standing next to you. It is important to be aware of how our actions affect others, and even yourself. Becoming more mindful.


Get up and do something for others

Getting out and helping others will not only change the way that you look at yourself, but also how others view you as well. The experience and emotions that come with getting up and doing something for others can help an individual grow in unimaginable ways.


Recognize your strengths

Many don’t realize that using our strengths can help us overcome challenges and get you to where we want to be. You may feel as though you don’t have the resources to achieve your goals, but your strengths may be just that. Try and think of what you are good at or what you do well, and then figure out how you can use that to help you to get to where you want to be.


Address your weaknesses

This New Year shouldn’t be about striving for perfection, but should be about striving for improvement. Think about different areas where you can be better and do better. Address your weaknesses, write them down, and think of strategies to improve on them. Some people may feel they have no weaknesses, which is okay, but remember there is always room for improvement. If you can’t think of anything, ask a family member, friend, or even an employer.


Practice self-care

Trying to create a better you is already practicing self-care, but try and turn that up a notch. Give a little more attention to yourself, and make your health a priority.


Express gratitude

It isn’t hard to take people and our most important things for granted. These things make our lives comfortable and complete. Take time out to show your appreciation and/or return the kindness.


Which step will you take first to becoming a better you this new year?



Article written by GUADS member Breanna, with contributions from www.everydayhealth.com

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