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Postnatal Exercise aka Operation Snap Back

Operation snap back! A lot of new moms are eager to snap their bodies back into shape after pregnancy. Guidelines surrounding postnatal exercise are changing, and moms are now able to jump back into exercise sooner than they may think.

The traditional postnatal exercise guidelines advised new moms to wait at least six weeks before engaging in exercise. New guidelines are now saying that moms can begin working out just days after birth. No, there shouldn’t be a rush to get moving but if your bodies feel ready that’s your green light!

A mother’s core and abdominal region is loosened and weakened after giving birth. Exercise is important to help restore and strengthen these muscles. Engaging in exercise will also help to improve mood and relieve stress!

Are you a new mom, or thinking about becoming one soon? Here are some moves from Andrea Speir’s Fit Pregnancy Plan that you can incorporate into your exercise plan.


  1. Side Planks: Moms still want to be gentle with their tummies, and side planks can help to target and strengthen deep abs without too much pressure.
  2. Clams: A woman’s lower back is another area that needs to be strengthened. Clams will help to strengthen glutes and hips which will protect the lower back.
  3. Cat-Cows: This simple exercise is very effective and can help with maintaining a healthy back and spine.



Article written by GUADS member Breanna, with contributions from shape.com

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