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Are Naps Helping You or Hurting You?

Everyone loves a good nap once in a while, but many people do not realize naps can have a reserve effect on their sleep schedule. At all ages, from babies to the elderly, naps are an important way to “catch up” on sleep from the night before or just a way to feel better if you are tired or sick. But this view on napping can turn into an everyday habit that people, especially teenagers, do not realize can harm them more than help them.

Advantages v. Disadvantages

According to the Mayo Clinic, napping offers multiple benefits like relaxation, reduced fatigue, increased alertness, and an improved mood, but napping should not be a daily thing. Napping can have negative effects leaving you feeling groggy and disoriented after waking up. Naps can also cause night time sleep problems when you go to bed. Some people may feel restless and have poor sleep quality at night. If napping is an everyday occurrence it can lead to insomnia – a disorder that can affect your productivity and mood.

It is important to consider the way you sleep during your nap and how it can lead to back and neck pain. According to Medical News Today, lying on your stomach is scientifically proven to be the worst way to sleep because it leads to back and neck pain. Also, napping while sitting up in a chair can lead to poor circulation as well. The best way to sleep to get good quality sleep is on your back because it evenly distributes your weight or on your side with a pillow between your legs.

Tips for the BEST Nap:

  • Take naps that are between 10 to 30 minutes long. If you nap longer than that, you will most likely feel groggy.
  • Take naps in the afternoon around 2 to 3 pm. This is usually when most people feel tired during the day. Mid-afternoon naps are less likely to influence your nighttime sleep schedule.
  • Nap in a room that is quiet, dark, at a preferable room temperature for you, and on a comfortable bed.

If you follow these few tips it is guaranteed you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready! Happy napping!


Contributions from www.mayoclinic.org and www.medicalnewstoday.com.



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