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The Truth About Acai Bowls…

Are acai bowls as healthy and rewarding as everyone brags about?  Definitely maybe.  The acai itself is rich of antioxidants, since they are a super-fruit. BUT, they are loaded with sugar, some sold in stores even exceed the daily sugar recommendation. Ingesting 90 grams of sugar in one snack or meal can be harmful to our bodies. There is an upside to these bowls! If made correctly, this snack can be a great contributor to weight loss. Here are some recommendations to flip around the usual, sugar filled recipe!

Make one at home

A homemade acai bowl can help to limit the amount of sugar that is put in. This can make the bowl healthier in many additional ways. All you have to do is buy frozen acai puree packets online or at a supermarket. Then top it with any ingredients you are craving.

Don’t put excess amounts of sugar on top

Some toppings, like honey and Nutella can add to the sugar content. There is already plenty of natural sugar from the fruits. Ditch these popular additions for a healthier topping such as peanut butter or almond butter.

Make a smaller serving size

Try to make it in a mug instead of a large bowl.  Often times, the bowls served on the market are way too big and cause weight gain. Halve the enormous bowl for an improved size.

Add a protein source

Peanut butter, hemp seeds, or chia seeds can keep full for longer and avoid a blood-sugar crash.  It is an important building block of bones, muscle, cartilage, skin and blood.  This is an easy way to get in your daily protein needs.

Greens, greens, greens

Adding spinach or kale to the acai blend can be very beneficial.  Adding greens can increase energy, strengthen your immune system, and be a natural weight loss source.  This is an easy and delicious way to get a serving of vegetables in your diet.


Overall, acai bowls sold in stores can have inhibited benefits because of all of the negative sources added, but if made correctly can be very healthy.  All of these recommendations are easy fixes that can be helpful in one’s diet.  Making them at home can also help the hole in your wallet from buying these yummy treats ranging from $8 to $15.  So, next time you are craving one of these delicious bowls, consider making one at home with healthy and tasteful ingredients!


Written by: Valerie Romero with contributions from health.com

Revised by: Alexa Hirschberg

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