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Why You Should Love Being a Morning Person

Waking up early seems to be one of the most dreaded tasks in our time. Little do people know that adjusting one’s life to becoming a “morning person” brings about several health benefits.

The Most Important Meal of the Day?

One reason why waking up early is beneficial to one’s health is because it leaves ample time for eating breakfast. The health benefits of eating a good breakfast are indisputable. By sleeping through breakfast or waking up in such a rush, you don’t have time to eat. This leaves you starving later in the day!

Productivity at Its Finest

Waking up early also dramatically increases your productivity. While many people believe that waking up earlier than usual will result in a tired and sluggish day, it happens to be just the opposite. If you start to wake up early consistently your body will get used to the new schedule. People report feeling energized and more inclined to get work done when they rise early in the morning.

More Sleep?

The last major benefit is actually more sleep! Getting your body on a schedule of getting out of bed earlier than normal makes going to sleep at night much easier. When your body is on a schedule, you often fall asleep faster. Individuals that wake up early are often tired at night, so falling asleep early is easy. This benefits you because you are still achieving the seven to eight hours necessary.

Morning Routines

Establishing a morning routine aids in becoming a morning person. Individuals report that some of the tricks that help them stay more awake in the morning are: making their bed as soon as they get out, setting goals for the day once you wake up, eating a good breakfast, and making time to exercise in the morning. Even if you have to start with small steps like just stretching in the morning instead of a full workout, these small rituals will help in creating a productive morning and as a result a productive day.


Written by GUADS guest writer Maddie with contributions from

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