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Why You Should Love Being a Morning Person

Waking up early seems to be one of the most dreaded tasks in our time. Little do people know that adjusting one’s life to becoming a “morning person” brings about several health benefits. The Most Important Meal of the Day? One reason why waking up early is beneficial to one’s ...

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Are Naps Helping You or Hurting You?

Everyone loves a good nap once in a while, but many people do not realize naps can have a reserve effect on their sleep schedule. At all ages, from babies to the elderly, naps are an important way to “catch up” on sleep from the night before or just a ...

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Do You Need More Sleep?

But is this normal? Some behaviors may indeed be those “parts of being an adult, or just having responsibilities”, but others may be signs that you aren’t getting enough rest. Research shows that sleep is commonly found to be a major underlying health risk behavior leading to other chronic conditions. ...

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Snacks for Sleeping

I’ll do just about anything to ensure I get a good night’s sleep. I’ve tried everything from eliminating coffee completely in the afternoon, to different drinks and supplements that supposedly help you sleep better. I avoid eating dinner too close to bed time because I know it can cause trouble ...

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