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Get Out of Your Slump – Literally!

Do you have a desk job that requires you to sit all day? If so, your posture and your overall health could be at risk! A recent study has shown that no amount of physical activity and exercise can fight off the dangers associated with sitting all day. Bummer right? ...

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When Life Knocks You Down…Stand Back Up

Last week was one of “those” weeks. Nothing was going my way. Back luck was my middle name. Life just kept knocking me down. Check it out… Hurdle #1: Hanging out with my roommate in the kitchen. Making dinner, laughing and talking about the weekend. So I go to open ...

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Health(ier) Screen Time Habits

Track your screen time Before you start out, you should be aware of your current habits. This way, you’ll know where the majority of your time is being spent in regard to screen time. You can do this with a simple hand-written log, tracking any time that you’re in front ...

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Gain Control of Your Ship and Set Sail Towards Happiness

For those of you reading this I am sure that you are asking yourselves, who is this person? Why should I listen to him?  Let me begin by introducing myself.  I am an average student, at an underrated university, with extraordinary ambitions.  The principles that I am about to speak ...

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Love Thy Mother Earth

Overall wellness isn’t just about diet and exercise. There are actually 7 dimensions to greater overall health: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, social, financial, and environmental wellness. All of these components interact and intertwine. Each one is a part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Learn something new every day, right? But ...

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