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The Study Break Workout

What does desk work, studying, writing research papers, and doing projects all have in common?

Answer: They all involve us sitting on our bottoms for endless hours, not moving, and getting finger cramps. Some days it just feels as if you have so much work to do you don’t have time to breathe, let alone have time to get a workout in. However, I have a solution to this issue…

Step 1: Set a timer to go off every thirty minutes.

Step 2: On a sticky note, jot down 5 different exercises: one “cardio” exercise, one upper body exercise, one lower body exercise, one core exercise, and one stretch. For example:

  • Cardio: Burpees
  • Upper Body: Push-Ups
  • Lower Body: Alternating Reverse Lunges
  • Core: Plank
  • Stretch: Child’s Pose

Step 3: Put the sticky note somewhere within eyesight (on your computer screen, on your work station, etc.)

Step 4: Every time the 30 minute timer goes off, set a stopwatch for 5 minutes. Then, be ready to move!

Step 5: Perform each exercise on the sticky note for one minute (equaling a 5 minute “mini” total body workout))

Step 6: Sit back down, get back to your work, and wait for the next 30 minutes to go by. When it does, be ready to start moving again!


If you do this right (and consistently throughout the day) you can end up getting 30 minutes of physical activity in! Add variation to the exercises you choose to do each day (incorporate squats, jumping jacks, hamstring stretches, dancing, the Hustle, etc.) Taking a small break from  your work will clear your mind and recharge your focus – all while breaking a little bit of sweat.


Now if that isn’t the textbook definition of GetUpAndDoSomething, I don’t know what is.


By GUADS staff member Angelina. 

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