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Staying Active in the Cold

It’s that time of year again, the temperature is getting colder and my motivation to stay active is no where to be found. Why does this weather make it so hard to get up and accomplish a workout or go on a walk? If this sounds like you, know that you are not alone. Keep these ideas in mind the next time the cold is keeping you from getting up!

At Home workouts

This may be the best time to invest in some at home workout materials. Whether your gym routine is usually in the morning or at night, either way it’s probably going to be dark and cold on your way to workout. If you find that this tends to be your biggest barrier, opt for a home workout two to three times a week. You don’t need fancy equipment, just some simple dumbbells, and a yoga mat can be enough. Warm up with some jumping jacks, high knees, or running in place, and then tackle your favorite HIIT workout. Choosing to stay home saves time, and helps you stay active during the chilliest of days.

Workout Classes

Accountability is key when it comes to not letting the cold stop you from reaching your fitness goals! Many fitness classes require registration and payment a few days in advance. The best part about this is, if you already paid for the class, you’re more likely to go! Use this opportunity to try out the new spin studio by your work, or the class at the gym that always looks fun. Putting a time on your calendar to sign up for the class can act as a great reminder too.

Just Move

When in doubt, a walk is always a good option. On those days where the wind is whipping and all you want to do is stay home on your couch, getting yourself to go on a walk for even 20 minutes is a great way to stay active. If it’s dangerously cold outside, head to the mall to do some window shopping while you get your steps in. Some malls even open early just to let people walk around and get their workout in before the stores open. This can be a great time to catch up with a friend! And on the rare occasion that the sun is out and the temperature isn’t below freezing, winter air is always refreshing and cooling. Plan a weekend day trip to go hiking or try out snow shoeing!

No matter how you choose to stay active during this winter, just remember that this cold weather too shall pass.

Written by GUADS staff member Emily. 

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