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Standing Desks, More Than Being Active

Standing desks are an increasing trend, and a trend that is beneficial to health. Sitting is becoming a prominent risk factor to so many diseases. Outcomes from sitting are almost similar to those of smoking cigarettes. The purchase of a standing desk at work is a simple way to decrease sedentary behavior, and also increase productivity!

More than just being active?

Many just purchase standing desks as a preventative measure to developing chronic disease, but do they know that they’re increasing their productivity as well? A study has shown that not only has the use of standing desks decreased sedentary behavior, but increased overall work performance over time.

The study showed two different groups of individuals, one of which received a sit-stand desk and coaching sessions. The other group of individuals received nothing, and remained in their sitting desks. By the end of the study, the group with the sit-stand desks not only lowered their risks of disease, but also overall better workers than those without the desks.

Yes, standing desks have more to them than just simply lowering your risk of disease. This isn’t going to happen just in one day. Standing uses more muscles than most movement, so it will be difficult to stand for long periods of time right away. Starting with just 10-15 minute intervals throughout the eight hour work day makes a huge difference!



Article was written by GUADS member Breanna, with contribution from time.com

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