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Live in the Moment

At the current moment, I am sitting outside of my favorite local coffee shop. Even though it’s still technically winter, it’s 68 degrees out, I’m drinking an iced green tea, and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. It really couldn’t get any better than this. However, one thought keeps popping into my brain: it’s still winter. And this weekend, it’ll be back down into the 30s and 40s. This isn’t an early spring, it’s just a tease. Chances are, we’ll still get another snow day. Then I stopped myself. Why am I thinking about something that hasn’t happened yet? Why am I already dreading the weather that hasn’t even happened yet?

Can’t I just live in the moment?

I should be savoring every moment of this weather. Instead of dreading what’s to come, I should focus on loving what I currently have. And that’s warm weather, a cool drink, and a smile on my face. This mindset can actually be applied to several aspects of our lives. As humans, we tend to always be on the go. Looking down at our phones, rushing around, or always counting down the minutes and seconds until our day is over. Sometimes we forget to live in the moment. And to be appreciative of that moment. Remember when you were a little kid and couldn’t wait to be “all grown up”? Same. And now that I’m 23 and in grad school, I wish I was a little kid again. Back to the simpler days when my biggest worry was…actually I don’t think I had any worries! And now I have bills to pay, school work to do, and responsibilities to maintain. Man, I really wish I had savored every minute of being a kid.

But what if 15 years from now I think to myself, “Man, I really wish I had savored every minute of being 23”?

You see, life moves in the blink of an eye. That’s why we need to savor each moment. Put down our phones, look up at the sky, take a walk, enjoy the weather, experience new things, and express gratitude each and every day.

So, right now: I am sipping my tea, basking in the sun, smiling to myself, and feeling so much gratitude for this awesome weather.

My mind isn’t on tomorrow, it’s on today.


Written by GUADS staff member Angelina 

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