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Keep A Food Diary, Reach Your Fitness Goals!

What should I include in my food diary?

How Much

The amounts of the different food and drink items should be included in the food diary. Measurements can vary from cups to ounces, or even the number of items.


What Kind

What kind of foods and drinks are important as well. This should be very specific, so different additives should be included. For example, if salt is added to your salad then that should be written down as well as the salad and it’s ingredients. This helps in areas such as breaking down the macronutrients you are eating.

Some information is even more beneficial to include of weight loss is the goal


The times of day that you are eating matters as well, are you skipping breakfast and eating more during the evening?


For weight loss especially  this is very beneficial. Sometimes a nutrition issue can start with a certain setting or location, so it is important to include if you are in the kitchen, dining room, office, or out to eat.

With Who

Again, especially beneficial for weight loss it is important to include the people you are with as well. What friends you are with, family members, or if you are eating alone.


List the activities you are dong while eating such as working or watching tv.


How you feel when you are eating can relate to eating habits, and help with making changes like developing other coping methods for a mood such as stress.


Just remember to…

Write Down Everything

Every single thing matters, and something that you think might seem so small and important may indeed be very important. Write it all down


Do It Now

Write it down as soon as possible, some things might be too intricate to remember every detail. Some apps were developed that make it very easy to keep a log right on your phone like MyFitnessPal.

Be Specific

Record your food exactly how you eat it, so if it was turkey with gravy, the gravy definitely needs to be included as well.


Tell The Truth

If this is something that you need to bring to a doctor, health coach, nutritionist, or anyone else that is holding you accountable including yourself, tell the truth. Cheating does not increase your success, and the only person it will be hurting is yourself.


Article written by GUADS member Breanna, with contributions from familydoctor.org

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