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Your Guide to Staying Fit While on Vacation

Whether you’re visiting family, hitting the beach, or going abroad, you might not have access to the fully loaded gym you’re used to. Vacations are meant for resting your body, relaxing, and indulging a bit! However, if you just have to get a workout in or you’ll go insane (like me), there are some simple and easy ways to do so! All it takes is a little planning, research, and flexibility (literally).

1. Do Your Research

That’s what the internet is for! See if any gyms in the area will sell you a daily or weekly pass at an affordable rate. And don’t forget to check Group On! You never know what kind of deals you may find.

2. Try Something New

Traveling is supposed to be an adventure! Take this stretch of time to try out a new type of gym or workout class. For example, if I ever visit a place that has Soul Cycle, I’ll be sure to give it a shot!

3. Change it Up

So maybe the place you’re vacationing to doesn’t have a gym. Don’t sweat it! Just change things up a bit. Go for a run, do some bodyweight exercises in your hotel room, or go hiking! Your body will thank you for the change in routine.

4. Bring Along Some Exercise Bands

I LOVE exercise bands. Mostly because they are so versatile AND can be quite challenging when used correctly. If you’re in a time crunch, check out this exercise band circuit!

20 Burpees

12 Resistance Band Push-Ups

10 Resistance Band Squat and Presses

10 Resistance Bicep Curls

15 Resistance Band Lateral Band Walks

Rest 1 minute, then repeat 3-4 times.

5. Stretchhhh

Sitting in a car, a train, or air plane doesn’t do your body any favors when it comes to mobility. Don’t forget to stretch!

Hip Flexor Stretch

Couch Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Child’s Pose

6. Rest!

An alternative? Don’t workout at all! If you’ve been working hard day in and day out, your body deserves a rest! Focus on having fun, sightseeing, and spending time with loved ones. The gym will always be there when you return.


Written by GUADS staff member Angelina.  



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