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Creative Ways To Exercise

I’ve heard the term, “allergic to exercise” one too many times. Many of us think of exercising and immediately have thoughts of an intimidating gym, or a marathon run around a city. It’s a new year, which means most of us are looking for ways to increase our physical activity. Are you looking to either begin exercising, find new ways to exercise, or the gym is just not for you? Here is a list of some different ways to burn calories and get up and get moving without even knowing.

  1. Hiking – One of the best ways to “exercise without exercising”. Find a cool hiking spot near you, and bring a friend. Time will fly right by while you’re looking at the beautiful scenery, having a conversation about life, and giving yourself a challenge by going up that steep hill!
  2. Playing with kids – Some people stay in shape just so they can keep up with their kids. Children are young, wild, and free and so is their energy! If you have a young child, brother/sister, niece/nephew, grandchild, etc take them to the park for a few hours and get your workout in! Feeling adventurous? Make your own circuit workout with the playground equipment.
  3. Walking – Even just walking for fifteen minutes is close to walking one whole mile. This is a great time to clear  your head, gather your thoughts, enjoy nature, and get moving. Have a meeting? Take it outside and have a walking meeting like Steve Jobs!
  4. Rock climbing – Rock climbing is a full mind and body challenge! It’s also probably one of the best upper body workouts someone can do.
  5. Dancing – Put on your favorite upbeat song and just get moving! Ever wonder why dancers are some of the most fit people you know? You’d be surprised the kind of workout you’ll get from an hour of dancing.
  6. Standing desks – Did you know it takes more muscles in your body to stand than it does to walk? Some people will use their standing desks for a few hours a day and wonder why they’re so sore. Fix your posture and build the muscle in your legs all while being productive.
  7. Cleaning – Don’t tell me you haven’t broke a sweat from cleaning, or your arms haven’t been sore from scrubbing. Make it fun and play some music, add a couple squats after every area dusted.
  8. Yoga – There are so many types of yoga, even goat yoga, yes. Try them out, and find the one for you. This is another type of activity that is good for both the mind and the body. Build strength and flexibility while relaxing.


Don’t feel like doing planned exercise but need to get up and do something? Try one of these activities!


Article written by GUADS member Breanna, with contributions from www.nerdfitness.com

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