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Apples Apples Everywhere

As fall approaches, it’s fun to see the different foods come back into season! A timeless classic is of course, apples. While not just the main and most important ingredient in pies and crisps, apples have a multitude of great health benefits. And while they do taste the most fresh in the fall, it’s a good idea to reach for apples all year round. Believe it or not, the phrase, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, could actually be true! Apples are packed with both fiber and antioxidants. They’ve been shown to help prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and Parkinson’s disease. It can get a little boring eating a regular apple every single day, so why not change up the way you think of eating apples! Read on for some fun and easy apple recipes.

Apple Chips

This is an easy way to get your apple a day in, with room to put your own spin on it. Simply slice up some apples as thin as you can. Toss the slices with a little water, cinnamon, honey, and any other spices you’re craving! Lay the chips flat on a baking sheet and bake at 225 degrees for an hour, and then flip the slices and bake for an hour more. Divvy them up and eat them as snacks throughout the week! You could even pair them with things such as hummus or peanut butter.

One Pan Apple Chicken

What’s better than a one pan dish? A healthy one pan dish! This apple chicken skillet recipe checks off both those boxes, while being delicious at the same time. Simply cook your desired version of boneless and skinless chicken in a skillet or pan. Remove chicken and put it on a separate plate. Combine equal parts apple cider and mustard and put into the pan, and mix in your favorite kind of sliced apple (wedge shapes tends to work best here). Top with salt and pepper, and plate with the cooked chicken.

Apple Bowl

It’s easy to get creative with this one- all you need is apples, some cooked quinoa or other healthy grain, and you can add your favorite toppings! Sliced almonds and ricotta pair well with this, but try out your own variation.

Or try your own spin on your favorite apple recipe!


Written by GUADS staff member Emily, with contributions from www.cookinglight.com

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